CityWalk Hollywood
CityWalk Hollywood

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Universal CityWalk is located in the Entertainment Capital of L.A.SM, Universal Studios HollywoodSM. Every year millions of Angelenos and tourists visit Universal CityWalk for one-of-a-kind shopping, dining and entertainment experience. Always relevant, Universal CityWalk is unique and always innovative, because of this, it's the perfect reflection of L.A. culture.

Universal CityWalk offers five key differentiating benefits over other Retail Entertainment Centers:

CityWalk is a key dimension of a Larger Entertainment Brand:

Universal Studios Hollywood — The Entertainment Capital of L.A.

This brings with it millions of dollars worth of advertising, promotion and publicity not found with any other Southern California lifestyle/entertainment center.

  • Key Benefits of Being Part of The Entertainment Capital of L.A.
  • The Entertainment Capital of L.A. Defined.
  • Ethnically and Demographically Rich — Fed by Local, Domestic and International Visitors
  • Extended Retail Day Parts with Audiences from a Variety of Entertainment Sources — Theme Park, Cinemas, Clubs
  • Higher Per Square Foot Sales Than ICSC National Averages*

Source: Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers 2006

What Are The Benefits of Being Part of Universal Studios Hollywood — The Entertainment Capital of L.A.?

  • Traffic— Universal Studios Hollywood is recognized as the premiere entertainment destination of Los Angeles. This is proven by the millions of annual visitors.
  • Marketing— Universal Studios Hollywood invests millions of dollars in advertising, promotion and publicity to draw customers to its Hilltop and to CityWalk tenants.
  • Entertainment Setting— Universal Studios Hollywood provides linkage to major entertainment alliances and partnerships, providing its tenants with the ability to showcase their brands within a powerful, "what's hot now" entertainment setting

The Entertainment Capital of L.A. It has five major dimensions:

  • Theme Park— The World Famous Universal Studios Hollywood — The original, authentic movie theme park.
  • Studio Tour —The only major tour through an actual working movie and television studio.
  • CityWalk— Home to over 30 unique shops, over 30 places to eat featuring a variety of cuisine, 6 hot night clubs and unique entertainment that even includes indoor sky-diving.
  • Cinemas —CityWalk has the all-new Universal CityWalk Cinemas, featuring all-stadium, luxury seating, 360 surround sound, and new larger screens
  • Concerts —CityWalk is home to the 5 Towers Stage, a state-of-the-art concert venue where concert-goers can enjoy free live music throughout the year.